Why Professionals Join CSMPS

CSMPS supports the growth of professional services (A/E/C) companies by providing members with:

Networking Opportunities

Make industry connections through CSMPS to build your business. Contacts made through the CSMPS network facilitate teaming opportunities, business referrals, and knowledge of professional services (A/E/C) business practices, trends, and successes.

Professional Development

Build your brand as an expert in marketing and business development, learn from other A/E/C firms on how they're tacking business challenges, increase your credibility in the industry, and earn professional development credits (including credits through AIBC). Bring transferable and immediately actionable take-aways from CSMPS programs and gain access to exclusive members-only peer group sessions.  

Leadership Opportunities

Develop and practice your leadership skills by getting involved in CSMPS through volunteering to serve on a committee or on the board of directors.

Career and Recruitment Resources

Develop your career, gain access to advancement tools, and post job opportunities through the CSMPS Job Board. CSMPS members and their firms enjoy a discount on employment ads that reach our entire network. 

A Community for Emerging Business Development & Marketing Leaders

CSMPS offers marketing + business development leader's access to the greater professional services community. Meet community leaders, hear big-picture perspectives, and fuel your passion for the industry and your profession. Attract and retain the brightest and best talent for your company through providing CSMPS membership.


Corporate Membership ($475)

  • Provides all employees at your company CSMPS membership benefits.
  • Unlimited attendance to annual + member-only events at member pricing.
  • Membership spotlight feature in one (1) CSMPS e-blast newsletter.
  • Annual corporate membership is valid from January 1 to December 31 in the year purchased (please contact us for information on half-year rates). 
  • *Firms that sign on as annual CSMPS sponsors ($1,400/year) receive corporate membership for their company.

Individual Membership ($250)

  • Provides individual CSMPS membership benefits to one (1) employee in your company (not transferrable from one individual to another).
  • Unlimited attendance to annual + member-only events for one (1) person at member pricing.
  • Annual individual membership is valid from January 1 to December 31 in the year purchased (please contact us for information on half-year rates).