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Sep 30

Sneak Peek Social

Connect with marketing professionals at all levels, while getting an exclusive preview of the 2015/16 CSMPS program at the Sneak Peek Social! This after-hours meet-up provides you with the perfect opportunity to network with change makers in our industry.

Date: September. 30, 2015
Location: Integral Group Office
  180 - 200 Granville Street
  Vancouver, BC
Time: 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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Past Events

Jun 24

CSMPS Annual General Meeting and Cocktail Reception

Join your CSMPS colleagues and friends for our members-only AGM followed by an evening of socializing with appetizers and beverages.

Date: Wednesday June 24, 2015
Location: Four Seasons Hotel
  791 W Georgia St,
  Vancouver, BC V6C 2T4
Time: 4:00 pm – Registration
 4:30 – 5:00 pm – AGM Meeting (members-only)
 5:00 – 7:00 pm – Cocktail Reception

May 20

Municipal Government RFP Tips: The Evaluators Speak

Join us for a no-holds-barred discussion with three Metro Vancouver municipality insiders on:
• What works, what doesn’t
• The biggest mistakes they see
• Things few proponents think to do but that would be helpful to evaluators and provide an advantage to proponents
• Questions not asked that would make a difference

April 22

Leadership Roundtable

This facilitated, invite-only, small group discussion will focus on the most challenging marketing issues for professional services business owners and senior managers. We will also identify best practice resources to build marketing plans with successful strategies and tactics, suitable budgets, and methods to measure results on investment.

Date: Wednesday April 22, 2015
Time: 5:30-7:00 pm

Apr 15

Becoming the Hero: Easy Tips on Turning Proposal Strategy into Winning Reality

The RFP arrives. The firm has decided it’s a “go”. What next?

This session takes a look at the creative energy and possibilities you can bring to and take away from the table. By first answering “what am I trying to communicate” the journey from strategy session to persuasive finished product unfolds.

Date: Wednesday April 15, 2015
Location: Four Seasons Hotel
791 W. Georgia St, Vancouver
Time: 7:30am Registration / Breakfast
8:00am-9:00am Session
Rates: $70.00 Members
$85.00 Non-Members

Feb 25

Workshop: B2B Marketing and Business Development Training

Dominate your market by creating more vibrant, branded and interactive Company Pages and LinkedIn Personal Profiles. Use LinkedIn to generate greater visibility and brand awareness, as well as drive leads, both inbound and outbound. Having directly worked with thousands of clients, Viveka von Rosen has developed several best practices as well as hands-on LinkedIn Workshops proven to be extremely successful in the LinkedIn space.

Jan 21

Case Study: Cannon Design Architecture – The Richmond Olympic Oval "Grabbing Great Headlines"

This case study covers the media relations strategy and steps taken to ensure that Cannon went from relative obscurity due to its recent entry into the Canadian market to being widely recognized as the firm responsible for the design of one of Canada’s most prominent new buildings. Presenter Dorothy Sitek, “architect” of this strategy, will share how these techniques can be applied to other professional service firms.

Event details.

Nov 19

Infographics for Proposals
Help RFP evaluators find even more reasons to choose you

“Keep the words to a minimum and the visuals to a maximum” - Steve Matheson of Pivotal Project Management at CSMPS’ October 2014 panel Developer RFP Tips: The Evaluators Speak.

Join us to learn how to get that edge while making life easier for client proposal evaluators - consider how you can use infographics to make even the most complex and detailed proposals easier to digest for your prospects and more persuasive.

Oct 22

Developer RFP Tips: The Evaluators Speak

This no-holds-barred discussion with developers and developer Project Managers whose retail, commercial and residential projects continue to shape our cities is intended to:

1) Provide practical information / advice on their or their client's competition process
2) Deliver insights about trends and opportunities; and
3) Help improve the quality of proposals for the benefit of all parties

Sep 24

Sneakpeek September Social

Join friends and colleagues for delicious drinks, appies and an exclusive advance peek at the 2014/15 CSMPS program at the Sneakpeek September Social!

Know anyone else who would benefit from the CSMPS community? Bring them along for just $5 extra! This is a great opportunity to learn more about the organization and network with our members.

JUN 18

CSMPS AGM + Networking Event

Join your CSMPS colleagues and friends on June 18th for our members-only AGM followed by an evening of socializing with appetizers and beverages.

APR 16

A/E/C RFP Tips – The Evaluators Speak

1.5 hour Session

This panel is intended to 1) give proponents insights into trends and opportunities; 2) provide practical information / advice on the competition process; and, 3) to help improve the quality of proposals for the benefit of all involved.

Join us for a no-holds-barred discussion with health care, transportation and academic infrastructure insiders on:
• What works, what doesn’t
• The biggest mistakes they see
• Things few proponents think to do but that would be helpful to evaluators and provide an advantage to proponents
• Questions not asked that would make a difference

Evaluators will answer questions about all stages of the proponent selection process in an open Q&A format.

Panel Members:
Larry Harder, Director, Capital Projects, Lower Mainland Health Authority Facilities Management (Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, Fraser Health Authority, Providence Health Care and PHSA)
Kerry Magnus, Associate Director, Business Management, Surrey School District
Mark Minson, Manager, Engineering & Project Services at TransLink

MAR 19

Three Dead Guys & Associates: How to Revitalize a Tired Brand

Presenters:Ben Garfinkel and Mark Busse (Industrial Brand)

Your brand story has never been more important in showcasing your firm’s goals, values and beliefs and aligning them with those of your employees and potential clients. Do you know whether your brand and marketing practices are helping or hurting?

Learn how to:
• Clarify the confusion between rebranding vs. refreshing
• Assess why and when a firm should consider rebranding
• Navigate the process and allocate the resources (time and budget) required for a successful rebrand
• Gain a realistic expectation of the ROI of a rebrand
• Create an authentic brand that communicates in a meaningful way
• Manage your brand equity like the valuable and lasting asset it is

FEB 19

Presentation traps to avoid: Being persuasive when a project is on the line

Presenter:Janice Tomich

Engage your audience with the right story, separate yourself from your competitors, and evoke emotions that lead to decision-making. Presenter Janice Tomich has worked with TED, TEDMed, and TEDx speakers as well as executives and professionals from a number of industries to create presentations that captivate their audiences.

You will learn how to:
• Connect with your audience — be memorable
• Bring life to your presentations — use stories and analogies
• Create visuals that support your presentation — get results

JAN 22

DIALOG Design: An Award-Winning AEC Digital Marketing Case Study

Presenter:Miguel Strother

DIALOG’s Director of New Media Miguel Strother, in this case study focuses on the digital marketing program developed as part of the overall firm strategy to attract the best and the brightest talent and promote its expertise across the world.

[ Event Details ]

NOV 20

What's Your Value Proposition?

Presenter:Robert Murray

Everyone in business should be able to answer the question, “What's your value proposition?” A value proposition is an essential tool. It forces you to look both internally and externally in crafting a statement that is actionable by you and your firm, while being credible and compelling to your target audience.

In this session we will examine how professional service providers describe what they do, so that the value is highlighted and people want to know more.

[ Event Details ]

OCT 24

The Basics of Business Development in the A/E/C Marketplace

Presenter:Michael T. Buell
October 24, 2013

Do you know where to find new project leads and connect with clients?
Whether you’re a new or seasoned business developer, "The Basics of Business Development" will provide you with the skills and tools to build more business for your firm in any economy. Led by seasoned, active A/E/C practitioners with responsibility for bottom-line contractual results, this program will strengthen your business development skills to position your firm for success in 2013.

[ Event Details ]

JUN 19

CSMPS AGM + Networking

Join your CSMPS colleagues and friends on June 19th at the Four Seasons Hotel for the AGM (members only) followed by a fun evening of socializing, featuring beverages and delectable hors d’oeuvres.

MAY 30

Driving ROI from your Online Presence

Presenter:Erin Whittle

Professional Services firms in today’s world require a healthy online community. But what happens when your website, email marketing material and social media presence aren’t in full health? What if you can optimize your online community presence.

[ Event Details ]

MAR 20

Cloud Technologies and The Professional Services

Presenter:Craig Faulkner

In this hyper-paced mobile age, the ability to interact with customers, vendors and co-workers from anywhere at anytime is redefining our communication toolset. At this seminar you will learn how companies are using cloud-based tools like Box, Evernote, and others to engage more customers, and generate more business.

[ Event Details ]

FEB 27

The Professional Services Video Revolution

Presenter:David Martin

In the digital age, video is the single most powerful tool a marketer has to tell their story. At this seminar you will learn what it takes to create a focused, potent video that can engage both your target market and your own people.

[ Event Details ]

JAN 23

The Debrief…After the Dance

Presenter:Neil Belenkie

The Debrief. It’s important. It’s daunting. It’s often a missed opportunity whether you’ve won or lost.
Sharpen your business development tools. Learn what you may be overlooking and how in the right hands the debrief can result in stronger relationships and more business wins.

[ Event Details ]

NOV 27

Preparing for Canada's New Anti-Spam Law

Special Presentation - Members-Only
Presenter: Francis Chang

Are monthly e-newsletters, promotional e-blasts, and holiday e-cards part of your organization’s marketing campaign? If so, this is a session you do not want to miss as these strategies may be severely impacted by Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), Bill C-28, which is slated to come into force in early 2013.

[ Event Details ]

NOV 21

Getting the Fees you Deserve

Presenter:Rob Malec

Learn how to ask for, and get, the fees you deserve. You will be introduced to a straightforward approach to prepare for those client facing conversations in which your fees are set and will learn practical skills you can put into action immediately.

[ Event Details ]

OCT 17

Best Practices in Tradeshow Strategy

Presenter: Louisa Davis
Whether you are an exhibitor or an attendee, tradeshows and conferences provide a valuable opportunity to grow and market your business. Join us on to discover the strategies & tactics to help maximize your success.

[ Event Details ]

JUN 20

CSMPS AGM + Networking Event

Join your CSMPS colleagues and friends on June 20th at the Metropolitan Hotel for the AGM (members only) followed by a fun evening of socializing, featuring beverages and delectable hors d’oeuvres.

[ Event Details ]

MAR 23

The Artistry of Change

Presenter:Carla Rieger

The Artistry of Change® is an innovative approach that blends diverse fields such as educational kinesiology, self-hypnosis, change management theory, creative process models, and neuroscience. Witness how these fields are merging in exciting ways to produce the new ‘workplace artistry'.

[ Event Details ]

MAR 21

Maximizing Revenue Opportunities

Presenter:Neil Belenkie

If you and your team are responsible for generating revenue through business development efforts, you need to hear what Harvard alumni and Top 40 Under 40 winner Neil Belenkie has to say! Bring your questions & forget about PowerPoint – this is an interactive session focused on providing you with the answers you need to be more successful.

[ Event Details ]

FEB 22

Business Networking

Presenter:Carey McBeth

Carey McBeth is a nationally recognized etiquette trainer. She is dedicated to helping individuals increase their professionalism, improve their people skills, and enhance their personal brand.

[ Event Details ]

FEB 01

Speak to Persuade

Presenter:Vanna Novak

We live in a world in which everyone has access to a depth and breadth of information. No matter how hard you work on it, the content of your presentation is becoming less and less of a differentiator. So what do you do to stand out, be heard and get remembered -- for all the right reasons?

[ Event Details ]

30 Sep

Sneak Peek Social
Date: September 30, 2015

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Michael Oldewening Allnorth

Thanks for making my trip out of the office a great use of my time. [Infographics for Proposals]

Barbara Good Kasian Architecture

Your presentation on Infographics at today’s CSMPS event was was very informative, reinforcing the value of visuals. [Infographics for Proposals]

Kathleen Dixon Iredale

Great presentation this morning. In architecture we are not allowed to draw or provide “free” architectural sketches in our RFP submissions, but you made me re-think how we can deliver information to our readers using pictograms.

Yvonne Harfiel WSP Group

CSMPS has helped me tremendously! Without CSMPS, I would not be where I am today. It is an amazing network.

James Y. P. Lee Stantec

Thank you for arranging this seminar. It was extremely practical, valuable and informative.

Karen Lawrence MMM Group Limited

I thought the panel event was awesome. I attended the previous one as well and they are, in my eyes, the best type of event that CSMPS offers.

Graeme Silvera Ivanhoe Cambridge

This is the first panel I’ve ever sat on where I've actually learned something new. It was a great experience. [Panelist, CSMPS Developer RFP Evaluators Panel Event: Oct 22, 2014]

Carlee Groves Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.

I thought the event was fantastic. I can’t believe the value and information I was able to extract from it. Can’t wait for the next one!

Rahki Jethi AMEC Environment & Infrastructure

It’s always good to hear what people who read proposals are actually thinking! I went to the last event with RFP evaluators (it was a school district, health authority, and Translink) and found that very helpful as well.

Ben Garfinkel Industrial Brand

It's one of the few organizations that really spends time getting into activities that are of interest to marketers in the AEC and professional marketing services world.

Tamineh Saadat Buckland & Taylor

Every time I leave an event I get ideas of how I can do my job better. I get more passionate and inspired by what other people are doing in the industry.

Stephanie Zuke HCMA

CSMPS plays an important role for professional service marketers to grow and learn. Their relevant, fresh topics draw staff from across AEC firms.

Chris Chernoff F4 Creative

CSMPS brings together real people talking about real issues; it’s a breath of fresh air.

Yvonne Hartfield Genivar

CSMPS has helped me tremendously! Without CSMPS, I would not be where I am today. It is an amazing network.

Ralph Kison Kison Associates

Belonging to CSMPS is a must if you want to connect with, and market to, the professional services community in Vancouver.


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